Construction is vital to Minnesota’s success, and is growing faster than any other sector of the economy. Today it is a $16 billion industry that directly supports more than 130,000 jobs.  By ensuring more projects pay competitive wages, maintain high standards of safety and craftsmanship, and support best-in-class career training, Minnesota’s trade unions and signatory contractors aren’t just building our infrastructure—they are building a stronger Minnesota.

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Contractors and Construction Unions are Building a Stronger Minnesota

The partnership between  Minnesota’s construction employers and labor unions is vital to our industry and our communities.  It produces good jobs, best-in-class career training, top quality infrastructure and a stronger economy overall without increasing project costs.

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The Joint Labor-Management Apprenticeship system is the gold standard for career training in the skilled construction trades. Click here to learn more about union construction careers and tuition-free training programs that enable students to earn as much as $33/hour while they learn!